08 June 2010

Tales from the CSA: Week 2

I was a little concerned last week. I know Farmer Eric told us we'd be getting a lot more produce as the year went along, and I was certainly hoping so.  This week, I was not disappointed!

Week 2 box:

1 lg head pak choy
2 lg heads broccoli
2 sm cucumbers
1 sm bunch scallions
2 yellow squash
1 zucchini
1 qt. strawberries
1 head green leaf lettuce
1 bunch Swiss chard
3 bunches spring kale
5 potatoes

This was an interesting week, as Chef Spouse was out of town on business.  We used a number of the ingredients immediately, as we had a friend over for dinner on delivery night:  we had a salad of the last of last week's Bibb lettuce plus some of this week's leaf lettuce, goat cheese, about half of the strawberries, toasted almonds and a simple balsamic vinaigrette.  Chef Spouse had already planned to make pork chops, so he used the scallions in the pan sauce, and we had the squash on the side, sauteed in butter with garlic, more scallions, and fresh herbs.  For dessert, we ate the berry sorbet we made with last week's strawberries.

The rest of the strawberries vanished pretty quickly, the lettuce and cucumbers were consumed in salads, the potatoes and broccoli got eaten as regular old sides, and the scallions got used in everyday food prep. 

Which leaves us - actually, me, since Chef Spouse had skedaddled by that point - with the greens.

I split the head of pak choy with a friend (it was REALLY big) and made a stir fry with chicken (thinly sliced thighs) for myself based on the the recipe provided by the CSA.  I say "based on" because I looked at the recipe and was like "where's the flavor?"  Marinade of rice vinegar and cornstarch and a sauce of 1 clove of garlic and chicken broth.  Right.  Make that sauce like 4 cloves of garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil, and throw some more soy sauce into the marinade plus some of the scallions is more like it.

The spring kale got sauteed in olive oil and garlic, then sprinkled with some red wine vinegar, then tossed with pasta (Alice Waters's idea), sprinkled with a little fresh ground parmesan cheese (my idea) and eaten on the side of a nice trout fillet done under the broiler with herbs from my garden, olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt.

The Swiss chard got sauteed as well and served on the side of a steak done on the grill and some olive oil and garlic roasted potatoes.


Hecate said...

This week we got:

Cherry tomatoes
Green & yellow squash
Green onions

I'm not being v creative: Salad, Fruit in lunch, cantaloupe & blueberries for breakfast. CSA posted a recipe for kale salad w green onions that I am going to try. Will cook the squash w some onions and olive oil

Anonymous said...

OK, clearly your CSA must have some out of the area suppliers, since I'm pretty sure bananas are not native to the DC Metro area :)

Liam O'Malley said...

I get CSA produce every 2nd week... last delivery, my fridge died that very night and I lost all the produce. It was heartbreaking.

BTW - big fan of Alice Waters. I use her "Art of Simple Food" cookbook constantly.

Anonymous said...

Part of the deal with Jim in starting the CSA was starting a compost pile just in case. So far, no CSA produce has gone bad before we could use it, but I'm still doing really well piling up egg shells, coffee grounds, and various veg and fruit trimmings liberally mixed with straw (gotta get that "brown" material in there).